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Development Stack

Windows Application

Windows app development using mostly C# and Java, rarely in C++ and never again in C :)

Mobile Applications

Smooth and fluid Android apps written in Java. Multiplatform apps build with NativeScript+Angular.

Web Applications

Web app development using latest HTML, CSS and Javascript technologies combined with logic servers written in PHP, NodeJs, C# (ASP .NET) or Java.


Some of my projects over the years

Flix Buddies

Browser Extension

Partners 4Planning

Web Application

Tesserae Web

Web Application

.NET EasylibUI

.NET Winform UI Library


  • 2020

    Flix Buddies

    Flix Buddies. A Chrome Extension for syncronizing video playback. https://flixbuddies.com

  • 2018

    Terminal Video

    Started new job at Terminal Video Italia S.r.l

  • 08-2017

    Partners 4Planning

    Consulenza e Sviluppo https://partners.4planning.it

  • 2016

    Studio ITC

    Started new job at Studio ITC S.r.l

  • 12-2016

    Tesserae Web

    An app for scanning product barcode, sending emails and confirming product delivery

  • 2014

    .NET EasylibUI

    .NET Winform UI Library written in C#


Efe Omoregie Elijah

Software Developer

Hello I'm Efe Omoregie Elijah. I'll tell you a little about myself. I started programming at the age of 12 and ever since it has remained a great passion. Over the years I've become fluent in a lot of programming languages and I'm learning whenever I can. As much as I enjoy desktop, android and web application developement my interest have defered towards machine learning and artificial intelligence :)

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